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Halloween at the Merrywood Manor Dead and Breakfast

Halloween at the Merrywood Manor Dead and Breakfast
Hi friends!  Can you believe TOMORROW is Halloween!?!?!?!?!  We seem to be living in this weird time-warp of a year known as 2020 where time seems to creep along at a glacial pace and then suddenly time fast-forwards very quickly.
Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday....just behind Christmas.  I have spent many years collecting both new and vintage items to add to my collection that now makes up the Merrywood Manor Dead and Breakfast.
Last year was the first Halloween in our new home and with my normal crazy schedule at the Roxy Regional Theatre I only really pulled out a few pieces and we didn't even host our annual Halloween Party.  But this year, opening the boxes was like shopping my own collection...without spending any money...and I was flooded with memories from years past.  Don says I have a gift of memory when it comes to my things and I guess he is right.  I can remember where I purchases each piece or who gave a certain item to me and it's like opening a scrapbook each year!
Enjoy a SMALL selection of photos from the Merrywood Manor Dead and Breakfast and be sure to follow us on Instagram for a FULL Halloween tour. 

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  • Ryan Bowie